Bryn's Gin - 70cl

Bryn's Gin - 70cl

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Bryn's Gin is the debut product of Hawkins Distillery, the culmination of two years tinkering with the recipe in our Kitchen.

A beautiful classic London Dry Gin.

Our head distiller loves a simple unadulterated Gin and Tonic, so he handcrafted our debut Gin to be beautifully balanced to go in his favourite tipple.

Distilled in Sheffield, we create this gin using vapour infusion methods to maintain the most delicate of our seven hand-selected botanicals. These botanicals have been picked in keeping with traditional gin in mind.

A juniper-forward gin with a playful citrus overtone followed by a cheeky warming spiced finish perfected for gin and tonic but thoroughly delicious in other cocktails 


Tasting Notes:-

We enjoy this with Indian tonic water with a lemon garnish.

An alternative suggested by one of our customers is elderflower tonic and raspberry.


We hope you enjoy this delicious first release and raise a glass with us to many more great gins to come.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Discovered at Jubilee Celebration in Sheffield today. Super quality gin from a modest but gifted guy. Many thanks and well done you!!

AMA big.

This gin is outstanding. All you need is some Indian tonic. No need to add anything to the taste of it. Myself and husband drank the whole bottle on holiday over 5 days. A lot of it in the hot tub. It’s refreshing, light, is easy to drink and has some lovely tones to it. The best I have tasted in a long time.

Sian Davies
Bryns Gin

Gave to my brother Bryn for his 60th birthday. He said it was so good he couldn't share!!

Abi Clayton

I’ve have tasted every Gin this talented company make and they are all amazing! Struggling to work out which is my favourite!! Well done, these will now be my go to Gins!

Laurentiu Bacalu
Top of the list

Such a nice aroma to it and amazing smell, yet strong enough. Will definitely have another go at it!