Born in a shed

Hawkins Distillery started on a kitchen table and in a 3m x 3m Shed. We have outgrown our old home and are now in a part of Sheffields rich steel heritage. Our Grade 2 Listed Building has seen a lot of businesses come and go in it's rich History. We are the first Distillery to grace the site!

1850-1976 - J. Beardshaw & Son

Baltic Works on Effingham Road was originally commisioned in 1850 by Jonathan Beardshaw, a prominent name in the Sheffield steel making industry, who made saws for the tree felling industry and supplied a major market in the Baltic States, hence the name for the site. His Son George was to become the custodian of the Steelworks for it's completion in 1854. J.Beardshaws & Sons continued at Baltic works until 1976.

Integrated Steel Factory

Baltic Works is an early victorian example of an integrated works which included its own crucible steel making plant.

The crucible steel process was a highly significant metallurgical advance, which transformed steelmaking techniques and paved the way for the development of special and alloy steels.

Baltic works also had several more primitive cementation furnaces and was fully equiped to take raw materials all the way to finished tools.