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Blood Orange Gin

Blood Orange Gin

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Blood Orange Gin is a true London Dry Gin that incorporates the bold flavor of blood oranges right into the heart of the distillation process.

With a wonderfully subtle and intense flavour, this fruit is only available for a limited time as blood oranges are delicate fruit. However, we've got you covered all year round as we hand-cut, dry, juice, and freeze loads of these vibrant beauties.

Our unique combination of vapour infusion and in-still methods perfectly extracts the flavors of each botanical, from punchy juniper to delicate citrus overtones.

The result? A delightfully fruity and citrusy taste with hints of cloves, cinnamon, and liquorice.

Pair it with some Indian tonic and a slice of orange for a truly outstanding experience. Trust us, you'll want to go back for a second glass to really savor those aromatic citrus oils.

 43% Alc Volume

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Katherine Whitaker

I recently got a small bottle of this at the mad hatters event at elvaston, after having a taster, along with a small bottle of the wibble colour changing. Really enjoying it so far and love the subtleness of the orange flavour. Hope to find you again at another food fair or show before too long!

Julie Hancock
Absolutely lovely

Tried this in Pontefract last week - loved it with lemonade. So much fruity taste without the bitterness of some tonics. One of my favourite gins so far. Should have bought the bigger bottle - so now I am 😀

Sue Ellis
Delicious gin

Bought a bottle of this after sampling it at the Newark Garden show. I enjoyed a few glasses of it over the weekend just with plain tonic, but think it might go well with an orangey tonic too. Wish I'd bought the other gins on offer too!

Christina Naylor

Bought this from Chapeltown Market after having a taster. Will not be the last I buy. Gorgeous gin