A hobby gone horribly right

You'll often see on these kind of pages statements of a lifes wish to create stunning spirits and high levels of passion... etc etc etc. Although, that's where we have ended up... Thats not how we started! We thought you'd get a kick out of finding out how one man's failure to make cider, a bet and a lot of beligerance led us all here. Read on to find out more!

Our Craft

Everything we do is of the highest standard. We have one major rule that has been instilled from day one, that is that all of our products are made ONLY using REAL ingredients. Read on to learn how we go about crafting our fabulous Gin's and Vodkas

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The Distillery

From a simple shed and kitchen, we have progressed to a grade 2 listed building with a rich heritage in Sheffields industrial past. Baltic works has a rich history and is an important part of Sheffield.

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Our Story

How it all started, how it's going and where we are aiming, it's all in here...

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